Fashion Wallpapers

fashion wallpapers Fashion Wallpapers

Need a new wallpaper for your laptop or desktop? I know…me too. But fret not! For today, we have an assortment of fashion wallpapers to brighten your day. In fact, we have fashion wallpapers, basic graphic wallpapers, and an assortment of goodies to make your computer background the coolest thing since you figured out how to fry bacon without burning it. If you’d like any of today’s wallpapers in a different size, just shoot us an email and we’d be glad to accommodate! Make sure to click on the dimensions below each image, the image will load either in a new tab or window, and you will be all set!

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Music Mondays

music mondays Music Mondays

Nobody likes Mondays. Well…maybe some people like Mondays, but…probably not. The weekend is over, and it’s back to real life. Goodbye to the movie theater, the football games, the bowling alleys, the karaoke bars…and hello to the conference rooms, classrooms, boardrooms, and..all these damn rooms!! I think I hate rooms now too…At least there’s one thing to look forward to on Mondays – Music Mondays. Brought to you courtesy of the good folks at Check Your Six. Bringing you three songs we think you should listen to. Or if you’ve already listened, listen again. We won’t do you wrong. It’s Music Mondays, and that project can wait!

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Launching a Company

launching a company Launching a Company

It’s unreal…looking back to where all of this started, and how far this brand has come. And as much as the road traveled has been due to our efforts, it just wouldn’t be right to imply that the credit is due entirely to us. Check Your Six is what it is today because of all of you. So thank you. To our supporters, our retailers, our doubters, our partners, our suppliers, our friends. Everybody. Thank you.

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Fashion Behind the Scenes

fashion behind the scenes 7 Fashion Behind the Scenes

Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated, dedicated, and inspired by the right things. For everybody. Even the best writers, artists, and directors hit the wall sometimes. Hell, even athletes. We, like everybody else, are frequently plagued by the annoying “design block”. It happens, and there really is no way to completely prevent it. You can, however, surround yourself as best as possible with inspiring artwork, quotes, music, and anything that gets the creative juices flowing. Here’s a look around the Check Your Six base camp, a look at the fashion behind the scenes, the lab where all of our craziness and ridiculousness is developed. From frost-bitten photoshoots to best-selling designs, this is where it all goes down.

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Wilderness Photography

wilderness photography Wilderness Photography

Did you know that it has been proven that people can actually feel better by looking at natural images. Trees, rivers, plants, and flowers actually hold medicinal value. Or so I’m told. Today, I’d like to present a collection of our photos from time spent in the depths of the woods, on the top of mountains, and knee-deep in river water. It’s wilderness photography 2.0. And, oh yeah, after you look through the collection…head outside, climb a tree!

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Streetwear Boutiques

streetwear boutiques Streetwear Boutiques

I love boutiques. In addition to a personable experience, boutique owners are incredibly knowledgeable, passionate about what they do, treat their shops like their second homes, and truly have a desire to interact with each and every customer. I bleed for my brand, and it’s wonderful seeing others bleed for theirs. Additionally, boutique owners are always (seriously, always) actively involving themselves in the local community. Whether it is sponsoring a local event or artist/musician/athlete, hosting mini-events, or doing give-aways, boutiques (and their owners) are often highly integrated into the heart of a community. For Check Your Six, we are exclusively carried by boutiques. In fact, we are exclusively carried by exclusive boutiques. Each one has a story. Each one deserves your support.

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